Practice in both Connecticut and New York.

Sara is a licensed clinical social worker with a generalized practice, licensed in both Connecticut and New York. Her experience canvases almost all aspects of psychotherapy with a specialization in severe depression, anxiety, trauma (PTSD), Borderline Personality Disorder, substance abuse and comorbidity.



Life is a puzzle. It can be complex, confusing and sometimes overwhelming. At time, certain variables combine in such a way that depression, anxiety and even suicidal ideation is the result. When that happens, a therapist can assist you in figuring out the source of the emotions, how to manage them, and live a full and enjoyable life.

Couple on a Walk


 A relationship is a most healthy when each person is enhanced by the other. Unresolved conflicts, unreasonable expectations, poor communication and built up resentments are just a few of the things that can damage a healthy relationship. Therapy can help a couple learn to enhance each other again.

Teen Students


Adolescence is an exciting and tumultuous time in a person’s life. It can be confusing and anxiety provoking. A therapist can be an objective, empathic, and supportive person to add to your child’s “village”

Beautiful Young Couple

Young adults

Young adulthood is a time of exploration and “becoming”…an independent adult, a professional, a part of a couple. Although amazing, it can be stressful and bewildering. Having a therapist assist you in navigating the possibilities and opportunities can make the journey to “full” adulthood a smoother process.

Family Walking On the Beach


Family dynamics are complex and filled with expectations, personalities and differing beliefs. This can make harmonious family living difficult. With therapy, families can learn to communicate effectively, make compromises and build a relationship that will be sustained through the pitfalls of life.

Sara works within a trusted network of professionals, to which she refers clients in the event she feels they'd receive more targeted or specialized treatment from another practitioner.